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Insight & STRATEGY

Mirroring an uprising consumer segment on a global scale and providing tangible advice for the branding and design codes derived from the hearts of sports enthusiast.
Adidas had been a running and football giant for a long time, but was a rookie in the uprising outdoor sports domain and needed a masterplan for a successful market strategy. Also, it was unclear what role the Terrex brand should play in their portfolio.

In a multi-stage process over two years, SWELL met outdoor sports freaks and influencers in 10 cities in Europe, China and the US, who really let us look into their hearts. They went shopping with us, shared mountain memories, drew entire picture books for us and discussed product and design visions. Over the course of time, SWELL put together a strategic compendium for Adidas, covering fields as different as target group psychology, product design guidelines, brand architecture and channel strategy.

Adidas Terrex has enjoyed great acceptance by outdoor sportspeople and is on its way to make The North Face's life difficult.
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