Philosophy - SWELL - Frische Energie für Marken

What drives us

Brands need to earn a high degree of trust, in a way that suits the brand and is believable. Over time, this is what gives a brand momentum.  People need to be able to look at a brand and feel that it has not only touched their lives, but positively shaped their future.

Robert Bosch, Claus Hipp, Carl Miele, Alfred Kärcher, Gustav Langenscheidt, Clara Ritter, George Stephen, Henry John Heinz. All of these people were not sure at first, but they were sold on an idea. They had a flair for people.  They understood consumers and their potential needs.


SWELL focuses on recognising future opportunities. What pays off for us is the inspiration we get from looking ahead through the ”binoculars” of a brand and not just in the brand’s “rear-view mirror”.


We are in the middle of a paradigm change in how people communicate with each other, how they interact with brands and how brand value is created. More and more it’s an issue of what meaning and relevance brands have in a community. Whether the brand leaves any substantial traces behind, and to what extent consumers can actively participate in shaping a brand’s significance in their lives.


A brand image is not just linked to the product; more often than not it’s also linked to services, activities relevant in the community and the active shaping of brand experiences by consumers. The changes brought by new media are more strongly diverting the marketing view away from cute commercials and back to the most important component between people and brands: the design of product and service experiences.


Brand consultancy needs to use approaches which take into consideration the hearts and minds of consumers and what really drives and motivates those. It needs to encourage coherent brand experiences and lead to fresh ideas for brands. Ideas which correspond to a pragmatic, entrepreneurial, forward-thinking brand spirit. 


And because you don’t know what you don't know, it’s imperative for brands to set aside open-ended time for experimentation to come up with as many good ideas as possible.   Considering the brand’s roots is obviously important, particularly as inspiration and justification for future activity, - but explaining past connections doesn’t help you to really invent the future. Because no-one can give you answers to question you haven’t even thought of asking.