CSR - SWELL - Frische Energie für Marken

We live sustainability

We take our social responsibilities seriously as a company, in our activities as an agency and employer, as a member of the Nuremberg community and as a promoter, purchaser and communicator.


Plant a SWELL tree
We plant a tree for every project commissioned.


We travel with the environment in mind
If we need to fly, we make up for it.


We promote community involvement
As a member of the “Unternehmen Ehrensache” (Corporate Volunteer Network), we actively help out in the Nuremberg metropolitan region.


We demonstrate responsibility towards the global climate by voluntarily compensating flight CO2 emissions. Via our partner atmosfair, we ensure that the same amounts of CO2 emitted when kerosene is burnt during flights are saved at another location.


In addition, when purchasing office materials and IT services, we work together with companies which set the standards for sustainability in their sectors. With a PUE (Power Usage Efficiency) value of 1.20, our data centre partner is one of the most energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly in Europe.


Fresh ideas are not connected to fixed locations or specific times. Our team always have the opportunity of working remotely, when necessary for private reasons or when it’s useful for client projects.


We don’t just support sustainable environmental projects — we also support voluntary involvement by all team members in a range of community projects, e.g. in NGOs, local networks, or schools and universities. These activities allow them to pass on their knowledge to others and benefit from suggestions from the companies involved.