What is? - SWELL - Frische Energie für Marken


Determine your position, create clarity

There’s no systematic brand development without a clear standpoint, so our approaches aim to investigate the current relationships between “person & brand” and “person & product”.  The source of our energy is a better understanding of the relationship between people and brands, and why and when people use these brands. 


Gaining knowledge from the significance of the codes used in product categories and from those discovered in the cultural context.


Market Mapping
Using segmentation to uncover positioning potential, product portfolios and innovations. 


Customer Journey
Looking closely at the life of a product in the hands of the consumer — from purchase through to disposal.


Brand Vitality Check
Quantifying the key brand success factors and drivers of brand value in a competitive environment.


Brand Vitality Game
A playful journey to understanding the emotional and sensory brand codes that give a brand significance and meaning. 



We use these approaches on an individual and modular basis, depending on what questions you seek to answer.