We need you - SWELL - Frische Energie für Marken

We need you

Swell means the open ocean waves, growth, energy, freshness, unconventional thinking, to question everything. Doesn’t this sound good?

Customers don’t want standard solutions, and they value our mix of competencies in each and every project. We began as an interdisciplinary team and this mix is part of our philosophy. 


We are brand specialists, brand consultants, media designers, communications experts, design thinkers, qualitative and quantitative researchers, semioticians, sociologists, business engineers, economists and practitioners — but these are only our “official” jobs. Apart from all that, we are also passionate explorers, gourmets, windsurfers, connoisseurs, runners, Dutchmen, craftsmen, stormtroopers, entertainers, rock climbers, classic car lovers, bavarians, people from Thuringia, the Rhineland and Westphalia and watchers of the world.


But despite our diversity, we’re still not where we want to be.  This is where you come in.


We’re looking for people with a sense for the meaning of brands and design. A passion for venturing into the future of brands and products.  These  are key requirements for any team member at SWELL. And of course, we want to know  your motivation for wanting to work with us and why you want to be a part of the SWELL team.



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