Thomas Hertle - SWELL - Frische Energie für Marken

Thomas Hertle is an acknowledged international expert in brand positioning, communication development, shopper & retail strategy and the identification of innovation spaces. 

Thomas has acquired his consultancy skills in Germany, the UK and in Canada. Last recently he was responsible for the business development in Germany and Switzerland at a globally leading market research agency. His team was made up of approximately 80 employees and contributed a significant share to the company’s total revenue.


In 2017 he is breaking new ground. At SWELL Thomas brings an idea to life which occupies him already for a longer period of time: To unite strategic consulting and creativity and to attack the stereotype which says that structured thinking constrains or even “kills” creativity. Instead, true creativity virtually implies that business questions are systematically de-bundled and understood from the different viewpoints of the brand, the market, the target group and the cultural context. In a second step these single components are re-bundled again and charged with promising tipping point ideas from outside the category to create something more valuable and fascinating than before. So, a structured approach doesn’t constrain but rather raises creativity onto a new level. This is SWELL’s conviction and approach.


Thomas has gathered vast experience in more than 20 years in the following industries: Consumer Goods, Retail, Technology, Media & Entertainment, Health Care, Automotive & Mobility, Finance, Fashion & Life Style and b-to-b. He has supported global players as well as medium-sized companies and co-operated with market researchers, marketing managers, think tank departments as well as the CEO „of action“.


Thomas has published a set of non-fiction and magazine articles, is a requested speaker and is recognized as a creative lateral thinker. So, for example he developed the Purchase Decision Wheel to cluster and analyze purchase decisions together with the Cologne University, GS1 and several branded companies.


Privately he dedicates himself to his family, sports and every now and then he plays the guitar.

Thomas Hertle