Network & Credits - SWELL - Frische Energie für Marken

Sharing knowledge. Being inspired.

These are just two of the reasons why we at SWELL maintain a large network of contacts. The aim of these connections, and even the themes and types of engagement, are numerous and diverse. What brings all us together is the desire to share experiences, learn new things and take responsibility for what we do. This is our way of being involved and making an impact in our community, both locally and internationally.


Areas which we are engaged in as a company or individually: 

Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen/Nuremberg - Lectureship (Brand Management)

MARKENAKADEMIE/ EBS Oestrich-Winkel - Course Leadership/ Senior Lecturer/ Member of the Steering Committee

Germanwatch e.V.- Vice Chair of the Board 

Association for the Research of Brands (G.E.M.) - Member of the Board of Trustees

Pforzheim University - Lectureship (Brand & Innovation Research)

Markenverband (The German Brand Federation) - Member of the Sponsoring and Support Group 

Metropolitan Region Nuremberg e.V. - Founding Member

Netzwerk Unternehmen Ehrensache (Corporate Volunteering Network) - Founding Member and Member of the Executive Board


Founding a company is an exciting adventure. There have been a lot of forks in the road — we have met people who have helped, inspired and motivated us to continue our journey. As well as our families, we want to thank…

Jan Mirus, Brooklyn. For the SWELL logo and corporate design. ::::: Jeffrey R. Zwart, Irvine. For his impressive photos which helped us come up with our logo colours. ::::: Seth Godin, New York. For the great inspiration his books have given us. ::::: Stephen King, London. For his unique view on brand planning. ::::: Chris März, Lauf. For her ideas and help with setting up our office. ::::: Monica van Bueren, Lauf. For her sparring and coaching. ::::: Lilly Events, Nuremberg. For supporting us with our Evening of Inspiration. ::::: Pink Floyd, London. For Dark Side of the Moon. ::::: Bran Van 3000. For Drinkin’ in L.A.