frische energie für marken

  • SWELL — Fresh Energy for Brands

    SWELL is a cutting edge brand planning agency.

    We combine the creative spirit of an innovation agency with the structured thinking of a strategic consultancy. We fire up your brand development process with a combination of deep brand expertise and experimental methods of discovering ideas and innovations.

    For us, it's all about one thing: looking at the future and finding the "Sources of Growth" for you and your brands.

  • We live for brands

    The SWELL team bring over 20 years of experience in brand planning and have delivered over 100 brand management projects for clients.

    We know just how important it is to understand a brand in the context of its roots and brand codes, in their relation to people and cultural framework. As the saying goes, “work out the theory of the thing first”, particularly when it comes to sparking off the next positioning stage of your brand.  Or developing and evaluating new product and marketing ideas.


    And nothing brings us more delight than making a qualified contribution to a brand idea.

  • We enhance our processes through Design Thinking

    Empathy for the reality of consumers. Interdisciplinary teams. Open-ended and experimental methods. Playful elements. Visualisations early on in the process.

    We use the key components of Design Thinking not just as “idea machines” for developing innovations but also as an important part of strategy and positioning projects. This gives project teams an entirely new depth of  experience throughout the process.


    Creative energy is more easily tapped when interdisciplinary teams come together in an open, collaborative culture and design thinking is included early on in the process.

  • We have an entrepreneurial view on brands

    “You can‘t make any sense of facts until you‘ve had an idea.” This quote by  influential brand mastermind and brand planner Stephen King (1931-2006) resonates with us. 

    Leading companies into the future means generating ideas that stick with people. The last few years of brand management have become all too often “brand-o-matic” in practice. “Scorecard based branding” alone doesn’t help create a desirable brand. If you only use knowledge obtained from past experience, future thinking is limited to those experiences. “Safe” is not a core principle of the entrepreneurial brand — more ideas are.

    That's why we say brand consultancy needs to use approaches which genuinely lead to fresh brand ideas.


  • We track down multi-sensory potential

    Whether you like it or not, every time someone makes contact with a product or brand, they communicate with it, explicitly or implicitly.  That response could be rooted in human biology, or learnt as part of our broader cultural exposure. All too often, sensory brand experiences are left to chance and a product’s multi-sensory potential is left untapped.

    We help you — from insight creation and brand positioning right through to the design — so that all five senses work together as coherently as possible.